Welcome to Whiskey Creek Miniature Aussies.
Whiskey Creek is a small breeder, where we
have specialized in Miniature Australian
Shepherd's for over ten years. It is my goal to
raise healthy, happy puppies with good
temperament and a very trainable dog. My dogs
are carefully selected for correct conformation.
I strive for Quality not Quantity and I’m
looking to improve every litter. 

The Mini Aussie makes a great companion that
will give you great joy for years and years.
They are easy going, very loyal to their owners
and may sometimes shy away from strangers.
Aussies love to play and are highly intelligent.
They need a lot of exercise, love to have a job
and are working stock dogs.  They also like to
engage in activities such as fetch, chase or ball. Some participate in agility competitions. They make great pets and are very good with children.  Mini Aussies need to be socialized early as a puppy. Hope you enjoy yours as we do ours.