now lives in Santanio Texas

Shilo, Going to Pilot Point Texas

Woodrow now lives in Dayton Tx. with Tara.


Tara has bought three more puppies. Love to have happy satisified, repeat customers.

Thanks Tara!

Harlow now lives in Canada.

Hi Christi- We are all doing well. Harlow is setting in nicely.He is staying quiet small. Very sweet disposition,obediant and very easy to train. Harlow is is our angel dog. Thank you so much!

Hi Christi,

We just wanted to thank you for such a special puppy. WE LOVE HER! Thanks, for so easy to work with. Thanks again, The Whites..

Wolf lives in Jessica in Stillwater

Christi, thanks for such a smart and trainable dog. Great watch dog. Thanks...

Rocky.. Now lives in Hunter, NY...with the Van Horn's...

Thanks Christi,

  We love Rocky.. He is so smart! It always looks like he wants to talk to us....with his facial expressions! Rocky is very special to us.  We take him everywhere! Thanks again.. Ali


My miniature Aussie, KayLee is everything I was hoping to find as a companion and co-worker. She is very smart and has a great disposition. KayLee wants to and does learn very quickly I am very fortunate to have been blessed with her.

Otis Hibler

  Bulverde, Texas




Gypsy went to live in Texas with the Gilbreath’s.

Merry Christmas! Lindi....

Hi Christi,

We are so pleased and happy that Gypsy has joined our family. She is very smart and learning quickly both from the family and our other Aussie, Vixen. The "girls" are so cute together and play most of the day. Gypsy goes to work with us almost everyday and we are so pleased with her wonderful and sweet temperament and personality. She is a treasured part of our family.

Thanks... Lindi Gilbreath




Christi,  here are some pictures of Remi and Reno.  I'll send more later.  The little turds won't be still long enough for any good shots.  LOL!!  They are soooo full of energy.  I can't hardly keep up with them.  I need to be 12 yrs old again.  Ha! Thanks, Donna Mayes




My family Vanessa y Karla and the youngest  Alexandra

Rusty's name now is krypto in honor to my first dog

We are from San Juan Puerto Rico and we love the dog his been sleeping in the room with the kids.

Also a check with the vet and he is in good health

Thank you Christi for all your attention as you see we he is part of the family

Well we keep in touch


Jorge I Perez Candal



Here is a pic of BJ, now Zack, we Love him, he's a wonderful dog, he's always into something as puppy are, playful, and he has quite the personally. We wanted you to know he's joy, Thank you;, we will always take good care of him. He part of the family, he play with the other dog, cat and horses and what ever else. Again Thank You;  Lew & Dena





 Aug 4, 2014


Reba & Lobo's blue Merle #2 male.
Here is a picture of Sherlock after finishing a puppy class
He is doing great & smart as a whip!

Thanks again

Lanny and Abby,

Great cow dog!  Seriously, she is already showing her smarts. Thanks for such a great puppy.


Hi, Christi

Just wanted to let you know that Oakley is doing just great! She is 10lbs now and doing great.

Happy owner from Canada! Marian

We Love him! Thanks so much!

Briam and Caitlin,

Colorado Springs

Thanks for making my 16th so special! 

I love him!



Thanks for such a great puppy. It is a great addition to our family.

Hey  Christi,


This is my favorite dog I have ever had. 

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!


December 20 2014



Just wanted you to know that Steila is in good hands!

They love her! Merry Christmas


December 25 2014


December 25 2014


Merry Christmas Christi!

This is my Aunt and Uncle that recieved the puppy for Christmas. They LOVED her. My uncle teared up and said it's the best present he has ever reieved!

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas



We can't tell you how much we love our sweet Kaia Noel! She is so smart and loves to play fetch with us. Every where we go, people say she is the prettiest dog they have ever seen. She is our little angel. Thanks you so much for making it happen.

Love, Jessie and Josh Huskins

North Carolina

December 28 2015


Here is Rascal-so named because he gets into everything. He is so lovable.

Thank you for being so easy to work with. We love him.

Merry Christmas, Carol Woods